Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Last Leg

If there's one thing I love its community spirit .. and this month I have experienced it multiple times !

A few weeks ago I joined in our local  community garage sale - there were many houses and stalls involved  but only two of us taking part in my street . However other neighbours starting bringing out chairs and parking them at the side of our tables , we spent the day selling and having a jolly good gossip and eating and drinking , my neighbours husband was even bringing out sandwiches and coffees. My neighbours on the left were having Ramadan and bless them , they came out giving drinks to everyone too, which can't be easy on a hot day during Ramadan. We had a really good day , and I encourage anyone to organise one in their street . Its a great way of getting to know your neighbours and also making some pennies . - Well thats if your neighbours table isn't selling make - up and baskets ( I think I spent all the money I made haha !) 
As you can see , it did turn into a bit of a knit and natter - and yes that's Calvin sewing the ends in on a crochet blanket  ... he does make me laugh !

Well I thought the excietment was all over until I watch  a programme called The Last Leg .. its a comedy programme here in the UK but it does talk about serious issues , like the recent budget and how its just going to make things so much harder for people. In the programme they encouraged people to give someone a #legup - meaning help someone who is struggling be it work , fixing something or just general help . When I saw this I thought of my neighbour , he had made huge plans for his garden and then found out he had a leg tumour and could not go through with rebuilding his garage . Some people might  not think that's too important , but when your poorly and when you open your curtains every morning and see it lying there in piles taking up the garden  , knowing that there's no chance of getting it done this year or being able for him or his family to enjoy the garden in the summer - it can prey on your mind and really get you down at a time you should be concentrating on getting well. ..... So I put a plea out for help on a facebook community site and wow within minutes there was about seven people willing to move and erect about 14 heavy concrete panels and bolt them in place .  One of the willing was the boss of a  local  Horsforth building company , L.A.H building , and knew exactly how he was going to help erect the garage even coming round the day before and planning it . We even got offers for the electrics for it - but it wasn't needed on the day - still how lovely is that ?

. It was a second hand garage and these things don't always have a tendency to go back up the way it did in the beginning ! But everything turned out super and everyone worked really hard . It was alot of fun too , lots of laughing , sandwiches , cake and beer ... perfect day really ... and my neighbour - well he was well chuffed !

 . So a Big Big thank you to all that was involved . xxx If you can help someone or  need help or know someone that does there is now a #legup website  

Or if your on Face book , go join your community page and ask there you may be surprised at how many kind people there are around you willing to give you a helping hand ! I hope the trend keeps going as its made a real difference in so many ways for my neighbour .

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Back to into the creative world !

Its been a while I know .. but the last few months I have got my creative mojo back - its back in a different way mind . I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and hypermobility some time ago and it has played havoc with my joints - to the point its very difficult to make cards and do the fiddly bits I used to - Thats not to say I've stopped forever , I've just taken a seat back a while .

However just because Im not cardmaking at the moment that doesn't mean to say I haven't been creative , far from it in fact . So where to begin  the gossip ?

Well .. I got into crochet and last year taught myself ( with the help of YouTube) to make some gorgeous little booties and baby things - i then progressed to blankets - which I love doing !
and also some tea cosies .. which at some point i did get a little obsessive about haha !

I even did some crochet bunting for the fireplace ! .. well guys from the crochet i then started paintng - the picture at the top is one i did called "If I had a caravan " .. I needed abit of colour for one corner of the living so decided to paint a picture for it - its abit qurky and the picture contains all the things I love -  you see if I had a caravan , it would be a vintage one , adorned with crochet blankets and cushions . Calvin and I would travel the countryside just selling our wares and eating cake .. oh what a life eh ... well I can dream can't I ? 

So Nice to be back in blogland folks - I will probably have to do a few posts this week just as a little catch me up !

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Fairies , rabbits oh and a tea party !

My house is being taking over by fairies , unicorns , rabbit and some jungle animals having tea parties and being read fairytales !!! .... If  your wondering if i've gone totally mad i haven't
i've just been doing some orders !

I love this one , my favourite i think is the Giraffe - its the tongue that makes me giggle ! .

Here's another pink one  with cupcakes  and fairy having a tea party . .. i do love making them its so much fun .. i chuckle sometimes while doing them ... thats sad ! haha  well these three we be making their way to a new home over the weekend ..

Orders can be made via email or ebay -  £14.00 + 3.50 posting .

   happy crafting !

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Tea and Cookies !

Well i actually started this card a few months ago and just never got round to finishing it .I have a box with images that i have been coloured ready for a rainy day .. Do you ever get those days were it's just relaxing just to colour rather than go the whole hog of making a card ? Well i must have had a few of those days because this box is half full !

Love this Tilda with her heart cookies !  Its not often i use this colour combo , i dont know why i really like the teals and browns .

This is my first card in months - really !  The inside is decorated also and ofcourse matching  I'd like to enter this card into these challenges .
. - ribbon but no bows.  anything goes .  use a heart .- the cookies are heart shaped .

Happy crafting !

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Well shiver me timbers !

Just thought I'd do a quick post of the fimo plaque i was working on last night .. All finished and ready for the facebook page for Hearthounds crafts . 

I had great fun making the pirate and parrot !  They are available to order in any colours of your choice too.
They can be ordered from our page Hearthounds UK crafts and gifts on facebook or email me direct 

£14.00 plus £2.50 posting - 
paypal accepted .

Happy Crafting 
Maddy x

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Fimo fairy door /name plaque

Well the fimo has eventually come out ... yes im getting back to my old love of fimo - soon i shall be doing the cards again !

I made the fimo fairy and teddy  door / name plaque  for orders for Hearthounds a non profit organization that helps the homeless and their street dogs with food and vet bills .. I was very touched by two doggies in particular . One called Zac a street dog in Edinburgh ,he belongs to Kevin who is homeless . Many of the homeless who have dogs relay on them for companionship - in many cases it can be the only family they have and will often feed the dog before themselves...

They gave Zac a coat and food for the week plus treats !

              This door / name plaque has a cute fairy with glittery wings and teddies ! 

The name / door plaques are available to order - monies go towards hearthounds and its their paypal that it goes into .. they are £14 plus £2.50 uk posting - overseas will vary .. please email me to order - colours of plaque / hair etc Boys also available - name / pirate and teddies / puppies .. or more bespoke orders welcome ! for orders or via facebook .

I you would like to help hearthounds there are many ways to do so -- whether you could help with a blog appeal ?? or donate or just share this post or please if your on face book check
them out  here and see the wonderful ways in which they help - its only very small so everything and every share counts xx

Happy crafting everyone xx love maddy