Friday, 24 October 2008

Castle Album tutorial part 3

The Tree , door and windows

I did try and do a video folks , but it just wouldnt upload for some reason . However i did take some pictures and you should be able to follow them just as well. If you havent watched the video , please do so , it has the techniques of stamping and how to twist the fimo. These are also the techniques used here.

1. Roll some light green fimo into a ball , using a hairspray can roll it flat . It needs to be 3/4 mm thick and just alittle bigger than your tree stamp.

2. Ink up your tree stamp using dye inks or as i have paint daubers - it doesnt really matter so long as you get the colour you wish. Two shades of ink looks good. Take no notice of my dirty stamp - its old stazon and i dont like cleaning stamps often ! lol its not good for them !

3.Press your stamp into the fimo ,give it a good hard press. Gently lift off.

4. Using your craft knife , cut around the image just near the ink edge - and just like i did on the video on part 2 , use the pad of your finger to tap down any sharp cut marks.

5. the flowers
Roll a small ball of pink fimo .

6. Roll this into a sausage shape

7.Flatten using the pad of your finger .

8.Place the this on the palm of your hand , and using the pad of your finger roll it up from the end...

do this until you have about 15 flowers , you can also do some in light pink (mix white with pink fimo.)

8. Press gently onto the tree, try not to flatten the flower when doing so .

The Door

1. Roll a ball of fimo about 3/4 mm flat. Cut out a arch shape ( make sure it is small enough to fit on your album.
2. Using a paper piecer or a cocktail stick make a hole for the brad for the door handle. make sure the brad can go though .Dont put the brad in while baking as this will warp the door.
3. Using the blunt side of your craft knife , mark the lines on the door.
4. Twists around the door.
Roll two pieces of clay into balls then into a thin long sausage shape .place the two ends together and twist.( Refer to video in part 2.)
5. Gently press this around the edge.
6. Add some green sausage shapes on the side of the door and roll the ends round ..

7. Once again using the flower technique above , model some flowers and gentle press onto the door, see above picture.
Bake using manufactors instructions on the fimo packet... i bake my fimo on a plate or tile.

For the decorative windows at the back on the album i used a scallop punch. I cut the sides off , and used the bottom edge of the scallop for the top and bottom of the window. I inked the edges too.

happy crafting !... love maddy.


Calv said...

Another great tutorial Maddy, thans for that. I didn't realise that roses could be so easy to make.

Very easy to follow too, nice one. :)

Rachel said...

Nice clear instructions as usual Maddy :-)

Thanks for sharing.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Thanks for all of this Maddy. I haven't even done a gingerbread man yet, but I will :) Your work with Fimo is wonderful. Where did you get the tree stamp, it's lovely?
Anne x

Kim Watson said...

Hi there Maddy! Just a quick pop in to say HI! and thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.
Well girl I must say your stuff is fabulous too! Goodness...I am blown away by your ability & creativity. I had a quick scroll down & I was assaulted by loveliness from post to post. Thanks for sharing your amazing work, it is eye candy.
Keep well!

Paula's ponderings said...

fabulous blog Maddy!! Love the tutorials! Thanks for paying me a visit and looking at my cards!

Dollydimps said...

I WISH my skin liked Fimo! Your makes are brilliant and I've said it before, but you really do have a good way of putting your instructions over!

patty w said...


Scrapmumur said...

I just discovered your blog.
WAW ..... this is stunning!!
You create great projects and I love all your achievements.
You are a great artist!
Thank you for sharing.
Hugs from France.