Saturday, 23 August 2008

Coaster Post - It Note Holder and Tic - Tac Box

Tic tak holder .

I did mine slightly different from the video , i glued the back of the ribbon inside.

After seeing Lea's blog and her lastest post on her gorgeous post it holders here .
I was inspired to make some post it holders of my own. I know that they have been all the fashion for a while now , so trailed the net for inspiration . I found a fantastic site full of tutorials which are mostly videos ! chic n scratch .

There are tons of video tutorials and so easy to follow too I just could'nt resist ! I usually would put my own spin on something thats "In " but like i said these were just too irresistable !

Besides which over on my other half's male crafting blog
he has alreadly done his own !!!!! and i can't be out done now can I ? so ive done a tic tac holder and desk decoration too ---- ha ! ( hope your reading this Calvin !)

I was intending to make the sweetie holder , but after putting the fudge i bought on my crafting table for inspiration ofcourse it appears some fairies have been in and scoffed the lot .... well thats my story and im sticking to it ... lol

So here are my efforts ..... I used the paper gater for the scallops on the green and pink post it holder tutorial for this on post below ..

Alittle catch up ....

Since my pc was playing up for several months i need to catch up on posting some piccies -

A dog house album ! I cut the house shape myself and used a dog Go kreate die embellished it with punch out flowers.

Tutorial - Scalloped edges using the paper gater

I have had alittle trouble with this paper gater , but one thing it does do is great scalloped edges !

You can see it on the pink and green post-it holders on one of the above posts.

Ive also made a scalloped edge circle using this method, but this takes alittle practice with different circle punch sizes and inner pencil line.



1. First take your mountboard and cover it with desired paper.

2. Draw a line in pencil about 1 cm in from the edge. you can just about make out the pencil line in the piccy.

3. take off your alignment blocks off the paper gater ( put them in the gaters draw and you wont lose them !)

4. Line up the pencil line with the points of the blade ( FINGERS SHOULD BE NO WHERE NEAR THE BLADE) . Push the handle down and Voila !

5. Using a cropadile or big bite ( i found the big bite real easy ) cut holes in the middle of the scallop..... I pushed the yellow stopper right to the front on mine.

6. rub out the pencil .

7. you can smooth any rough edges ( i only got alittle ) using a file.

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Papermania Acetate card and Envelope using the new bigz XL die.

I had great fun making this card using the new papermania secret garden acetate range.

I had just bought the new sizzix bigz XL scallop card die and was a bit miffed that it is just a few mm's short of being able to use A4 card with ....sooooo when i bought the new 12 x12 Acetate secret garden range i was then on a mission to use the die !

I layered a stamped image inbetween four layers of acetate decreasing in size between each layer. It was a bit tricky at first but i was really pleased with the result .
I used Alcohol inks to colour the acetate flowers on one of the layers.
I made a matching envelope using the range also - I had in my stash a large pillow box template which fitted the card perfectly !

Just a quick update !

Well my pc has now broke for the third time hence the lack of blogging ! However im down south at my boyfriends and have a chance of posting a little update ! Hopefully my pc will be up and running in the next two weeks or so - and i have plently of crafty makes to show you including some cool alcohol ink creations that my boyfriend and i have been having a bash with !

But in the meantime thought you might like a look at some Pirate door plaques i made using a sizzix tag die and a round cuttlebug die .

Rusty Pickle Pirate Princess clear stamps and Pirate wood stamp.


Making a door plaque using the dies are really easy , you just dont cut right to the end of the tag die , then take the mountboard out and use a craft knife to extend the cut down . Place the die cut extended tag back onto the bigshot and then place the round circle die ontop of the mountboard just under the arch , cut out and there you have your door hanger shape !