Thursday, 25 September 2008


I have received an award by the lovely Claire. over at artyfartymacks Claire designed this award herself - and i think its great ! The award is all about bloggers who help you either by inspiration or by actual helping you craft . The idea is to pass it on to another person .. i would like to pass it on to

my friend Rachel. Rachel always takes me crafty shopping - i dont have a car , so Rachel always has a passenger! She helps me run the sticky fixers craft club by trailing round the craft shops for raffle prizes - its a terrible ordeal (wink) thanks rach for helping me ! x

also - i would like to award mellissa , who will proberly be in total shock at the moment ...
What melissa doesnt realise is that when i was recovering I used to look at her makes and just love the colours she used - i remember one in particular , a lovely pink mini book i think she made it for her sister ... anyway when i saw it again and saw her other projects it made me want to start crafting again . so thank you mellissa xxx

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


I've just been given this award by linda. Thank you Linda x

I now have to pass it to 5 more people , so here goes - in no order.

Lea Sanders I think Lea has a real talent for combining colours and i just lovvve her mini books .

Angie Love this blog ! you can spend hours just reading posts and Angie has most fabby and easy tutorials ! I totally lose myself in there!

Morag This lady has the most fabulous layouts ! love her use of colour and paper blooms are sooooo much better than

Angela Daniels Now this lady aswell as being talented also makes me laugh out loud ! Angela is one of the few people who will actually have a good old moan and will say what we are all thinking really ! - especially when entering competitions !!!!!
i love her ARTFUL blogging ! Some of her work are on links on the left of her blog.

Nicki Although this lady may not be able to pass the award on - Nicki truly deserves to recieve one... her time is spent gathering shapes of felt and material to make into cushions for sick children. When i had cancer, Nicki gathered up shapes and material from friends of mine and made me the most fabulous cushion - i rested my head on the soft fleece every day when i came back from chemo - I think this award is truly deserved to this lady x thank you Nicki x P.s if you have any spare felt die cuts - im sure this lady would love to recieve them.
This is the link to where some of the cushions go

Monday, 8 September 2008

How clean is yours ! this ones for you Geraldine !

I have met some lovely people crafting , two in particular at Samual Taylors in Leeds, Sue and Geraldine , two talented girls . Now i often stand and gab and Sue was saying the other week what a beautiful craft room Geraldine has . Geraldine tells me that its spotless ! my mind went to my craft room and how untidy it gets after a thurs kit making session ..... i usually start on the table , then the other work surface , then the other and always end up on the floor !LOL

Now some people craft and always tidy up straight away ... i craft and leave it ! which one are you ?

Geraldine if your reading this .... you might want to sit down first ....dont want you fainting on me !This is what it looks like always on a friday !!!! yes i know ....its bad !

So the question to all ( apart from Geraldine that is lol) how clean is yours ! bet ya dare'nt put pics up ! Let me know if you do --- i want a peeky !

i am not alone it seems !
Heres Adeles -

Tuesday, 2 September 2008


A simple gift bag for my post it and tic tak holder !.

I made this little simple gift bag to fit the post it holders and tic tak holders in .

I used a sizzix decorative die for the black ornate accent and a 7 gypies ~with love stamp~ for the gift tag. The paper is from the Papermania range silk screen - it perfect for this project as its doublesided so your bag looks as good inside as out !
The bag fits the post- its perfectly !

For friends and members of the Sticky Fixers Craft Club i have some kits of these available to purchase (2.70) everything will be included - template , scalloped edge cardstock mat , square mats , black and pink ribbon, papermania doublesided card, stamped text ( choice of sayings)

scallop and a "with love"text, also black ornate accent. Everything you need for this project apart from glue and chalk ink for the edges .

Distressed, Crackled Accented Album / Card with closure Tutorial

I made this album for my Mum . I kept it quite simple inside so she can add larger pictures if she wanted to ....
On the front cover is die cut mountboard frame that i covered in paper.

I stamped a INKADINDO -~ girlfriends matter~ stamp onto stampboard and distressed with inks.
I then used crackle accents for an even more distressed look. you cant really see the stamp very well in the picture due to the sun shining !

The album closure i made myself really easy !

How to make an album closure

you will need

1 x jumbo brad.
1 x metal embellishment.
1x long piece of ribbon (length depends on thickness of album) refer to above picture.
1 x large eyelet , long enough for the brad ends to fit through and also poke out at the ends.
some uhu glue.

Cropadile or hole punch .


1. Take a jumbo brad and glue a metal flower embellishment on top.

2. Make a hole in your front cover with a cropadie or a hole punch. NOTE the hole needs to be small enough for the eyelet to sit on top , and not go through the hole.

3. Align your front cover hole with the back by putting your two covers together ( front and back) and mark with a pencil on the back cover where your hole is .

4. using your cropadile /hole punch make two holes close together BUT either side of your pencil mark.

5 Take your thin ribbon ( needs to be thin to wrap around the brad) and push each end into the holes . Tie at the back .

6. Once your metal embelishment is set, push the brad through non rim end of the eyelet.

7. Push brad and eyelet though the front hole and fix brad ends as you would normally.Add a little UHU to the ends for stability.

8. Place a bloom on the ends to cover them up on the page or better still cover your page after fixing the closure on.

9. close your album and wrap the ribbon around the brad at the bottom.