Sunday, 26 October 2008

Make your own designer brads !

Make your own designer brads with fimo .

I am a lucky girl to have a crafty boyfriend , he has an eye for useful storage ! On his last trip up to to me in leeds , he found this in the charity shop ! He said he thought i could do something with it .

after a little sanding and some painting .. i changed it into a holder for my mini stamps ... its just perfect for them ! I made the brad to match the ribbon Calvin bought me from a jumbo brad and fimo ... tutorial below .

You can use these brads on lay/outs , cards and anything you wish to alter . In fact the only limit you will have is your imagination !

How to make your own !

1. Roll a ball of fimo in the colour of your choice , then flatten it by rolling with a hairspray can until it is a few mm thick.

make a Circle cutter heres how ...
2. Take an old pritt stick lid and pierce several holes next to each other in the top of it, , you could use a compass or a paper piercer. To make the hole bigger , press a sissor end into the hole and twist.

3. Take the end of a small thin paint brush and push this into the hole a little way. Then place your lid onto the fimo and twist, this will cut the clay into a circle. The fimo will now be stuck in the lid.
4. Push the end of the paint brush down into the lid gently ... this will release your fimo. ... Now you will have a circle just a little bigger than your jumbo brad. You can do this without cutting out a circle - but it is much harder to cut and easier to go wrong.

5. Using the pad your finger push the fimo around the edge slightly .Trim the excess fimo off the edge of the brad, trim inwards towards the prongs rather than outwards.

6.Press your brad gently onto a cuttlebug folder, if you dont have one of these you can press your brad into some lace or net.

7. For the hearts
1. roll a ball.. 2. roll this into a tear shape . 3 Flatten using the pad of your finger.

8. Trim the point to sharpen the bottom . Then use the blunt side of your knife to and push this into the middle at the top. Place on your fimo brad and gently press. If you wish you can use a toothpick or your knife to create stitch marks around the edge.
9. Ink the edge using a dye ink /chalk ink before baking.

And there you have it , your own customised designer brad !

Bake as per instructions on the packet of fimo / polymer clay.

I got a sponsor !

I am sure many have of you have noticed that i now have a sponsor . I am thrilled to now be a designer for The Artistic Stamper ! I am not sure about being extra special mind , but i will try my best to bring you some inspiring makes and tutorials. Calvin my boyfriend over at Mishaps in the Makings has also joined the design team. I know many of your follow his fruit inking and his weekly accidents ! Please go have a mooch around Jennies shop - ive just spotted some gorgeous vintage Santa stamps that im hoping to use in an up comming project. Jennie will soon be stocking fimo so any supplies you need will just be a click away ! Jennies shop - The Artistic Stamper and Jennies blog Jennie is giving away some blog candy on there too !

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love maddyx

Friday, 24 October 2008

Castle Album tutorial part 3

The Tree , door and windows

I did try and do a video folks , but it just wouldnt upload for some reason . However i did take some pictures and you should be able to follow them just as well. If you havent watched the video , please do so , it has the techniques of stamping and how to twist the fimo. These are also the techniques used here.

1. Roll some light green fimo into a ball , using a hairspray can roll it flat . It needs to be 3/4 mm thick and just alittle bigger than your tree stamp.

2. Ink up your tree stamp using dye inks or as i have paint daubers - it doesnt really matter so long as you get the colour you wish. Two shades of ink looks good. Take no notice of my dirty stamp - its old stazon and i dont like cleaning stamps often ! lol its not good for them !

3.Press your stamp into the fimo ,give it a good hard press. Gently lift off.

4. Using your craft knife , cut around the image just near the ink edge - and just like i did on the video on part 2 , use the pad of your finger to tap down any sharp cut marks.

5. the flowers
Roll a small ball of pink fimo .

6. Roll this into a sausage shape

7.Flatten using the pad of your finger .

8.Place the this on the palm of your hand , and using the pad of your finger roll it up from the end...

do this until you have about 15 flowers , you can also do some in light pink (mix white with pink fimo.)

8. Press gently onto the tree, try not to flatten the flower when doing so .

The Door

1. Roll a ball of fimo about 3/4 mm flat. Cut out a arch shape ( make sure it is small enough to fit on your album.
2. Using a paper piecer or a cocktail stick make a hole for the brad for the door handle. make sure the brad can go though .Dont put the brad in while baking as this will warp the door.
3. Using the blunt side of your craft knife , mark the lines on the door.
4. Twists around the door.
Roll two pieces of clay into balls then into a thin long sausage shape .place the two ends together and twist.( Refer to video in part 2.)
5. Gently press this around the edge.
6. Add some green sausage shapes on the side of the door and roll the ends round ..

7. Once again using the flower technique above , model some flowers and gentle press onto the door, see above picture.
Bake using manufactors instructions on the fimo packet... i bake my fimo on a plate or tile.

For the decorative windows at the back on the album i used a scallop punch. I cut the sides off , and used the bottom edge of the scallop for the top and bottom of the window. I inked the edges too.

happy crafting !... love maddy.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Fimo Embellishments. Part 2

Fimo embellishments for your album.

Well as promised i have uploaded a video on how to make fimo embellishments for your album.
This technique is great for making your own embelishment for any album or card. I would'nt advise sending a card etc in the post without some form of box with approprate padding or you may find it broken by the the recipient . Fimo can easily break if handle roughly.

A few tips before you use your Fimo , make sure your hands are spotlessly clean - Mine on the video are covered in brown ink stains lol but they were clean.. lol Its handy to dry hands on a white towel so no coloured fibers show up in the fimo.
Hope you enjoy my video , although this time my coughing cat is not starring in the show lol
Tomorrow i will update this post with the tree and door.

I bake my fimo make on a tile or a old plate at a very LOW temperature , always read the label on the polymer clay (fimo) packaging for the baking temperature .

Monday, 20 October 2008

Castle Album tutorial Part 1

Castle Album - cinderella

I know many of you would like to make the castle album . So i have put together a basic tutorial of how i did it . The design is to enable you to make your own for personal use , please respect that these tutorials are for your own inspiration and not for competitions or publications . I hate saying things like that .. but thought its best to clarify - i have no problem with you making them and putting them on your website /blog , i would love it ! but please credit me for the design . xxx
Please share if you do and put a link back to me i'd love to see it !

so here is how i did it , using just ONE sizzix die to make the whole of the castle album.

For those without a die i have edited this post with the measurements, so that you can create your own. Thanks Tara G for the great idea of doing that !


I used only one die - a sizzix long pentagon (A) die

1.Cut die cut 3.pentagon shapes in mount board.

2. Cut off the top of one of them , but leave about 1 cm past the side points (refer to pic)

3, This is going to make your front cover and a template .
Place the pieces of mount board together as so .. making sure the middle one laps over each side of the end pentagon shapes .

4. Draw around this onto some card and cut out . This will be your template , for the back cover.


5. Place two pentagon shapes together on a piece of card . Add the template on top but further down - its up to you how high you wish the towers to be. Hold it steady on the card and carefully draw around it . Cut out - this is your back page template.

Back page template. Straighten any lines that are not straight before cutting out. (my dotted line)

7. Draw around your back page template onto some mount board . working on a self healing mat cut out your shape with a stanley knife and a metal ruler.

You should now have your basic front and back .

8. front cover .
Cover each of the penagons separatly in card or patterned paper . place two together but slightly over lap on one edge - you can use your Front cover template as a guide .

Glue the leftside overlap only into place , You can place a brad in it to secure also ..

10. Using a cropadile , punch out your ring binder holes. The book opens up at both ends , so you will need 4 holes.

11. Cut out your first two pentagon shapes on your front cover template . Use this as a template for your right side pages .Its should be the same shape as the left side of your front mountboard cover . see pic below of finish right page.
remember to cut alittle way in from your lines - it needs to be a touch smaller than your covers , so you dont see the pages.

12.Now for the left side of the album pages , draw around the single covered front pentagon , again remember to cut alittle way from the draw line.

Cropadile/hole punch the pages , using the album ones for positioning.
Decorate how you wish and finish with book rings and ribbon.
If you would like to make the door , coach and tree , I will show you tomorrow how to stamp with fimo the embellishments .
hope you have enjoyed it - please let me know if you make one and send me the link - id love to see it !xx


Sunday, 19 October 2008

Cinderella matching album

I made this album from mountboard and ONE sizzix die !If you would like to know how i made it then tune in tomorrow and i will show you !

The album opens up to reveal four parts , then goes into two parts .Again i used the stamps that matched the Castle .I was running out of the original paper lol so i mixed and match some from my basic grey and scrap drawer to match it !

The album opens up in the middle and on the first page is the story of cinderella. As you flick through the album that page remains the story page and a mini layout goes onto the second page. The front cover is the reverse shape of the pages.

The coach was made with fimo and a stamp - i will do a short video of how to do that in the next couple of days !

I used a brad for the door handle - one of my favourite techniques .

All i need now is for my daughters to go back 10 years and then they will love it !
Im not sure an 18 and 20 year old would go for this kind of thing !
I will have to make another one and then i can give it to my boyfriends girlies !

Be sure to visit for the tutorials in the next day or so !

Monday, 13 October 2008

cinders castle ... i have had..

I have had
so many many wonderful comments, requests and questions about the castle, im thrilled you all like it... Many have asked for a photo that shows it open , some have asked how big it is and how big the models are ... ... No,.. i dont use moulds , , took ages lol well two days hid in the craft room lol ........Yes you can have a close up of the mice heres some more piccies taken in the daylight.
If your wondering what i am talking about . The main post is below

thank you all for taking the time to peek and comment xx

When the lid is lifted it reveals some of the story inside the lid.

The much laughed at mice ! Dazed and confused and wondering what on earth has just happen to them ! ... The pic gives you some idea of how big or rather small they are !