Saturday, 31 January 2009

What a poser !

I haven't done any crafting , im sorry , i've been looking after Calvin mouse at his photo shoot !
What a poser he is !
I have had several emails asking for a blinkie for him and after the kind help from karen and lou im afraid i was a total failure at it thank you girls for helping me xxx but im useless !

.......... However i was rescued ! Tis the only word for it ! Carolyn from Crafts by Carolyn took my failed attempt and also did some for him too . thank you Carolyn , they are fab !x

So there we are at the photo shoot - and I'm mopping up his doggy poop while he was modelling (sigh)I was just the gofa !

I did put my foot down when he started demanding stilton in his dressing room , i mean who does he think he is ! I told him straight , you only get stilton mate when you get on Parkinson or sing on the next feed the world cd !

He is now thinking of a career change - he thought he might make an excellent model for catologues and knitting patterns ( mad shakes head)

So there you have it , calvins photo shoot -
if you would like a blinkie please take one and let me know , i can add you to calvins friends blog list ! so long as it doesnt get too big !

( the blinkies are on the right theres a few of them )

love maddy - the side kick !

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A Valentine card and a surprise for Calvin Mouse !

I wanted to make a valentines card a bit different from the norm , so i included a little cute gift on it . The little dolly earring i made to match the image and they are made from fimo !
I won the cyber bingo over on charmed cards and was sent some gorgeous prizes (thank you Karen) one of which was some heart buttons . The red didnt quite match the red on the paper so i coloured it in with copics, now the copics can streak alittle on plastic so i used fan strokes from the middle out. I threaded the earrings through the hole of the button and attached it to the chipboard heart with a repositional glue dot , so the recipient can easily pull it off to wear the earrings.

I also was sent a huge huge RAK from fiskers and i used one of the little heart pins which i dotted with a white pen.

The lace was from a group buy on Crafts by Carolyn forum ( thank you kath x) We all got it tons cheaper !

NOW THEN >>>> Hands up who did'nt believe me when i said calvin mouse had flu ...hmmmm hmmm ?
Well the poor little mite has been really miserable all week .......

Well i think he needs alittle cheery up dont you ? I'l leave him to get some rest for now and i'l be back later .............

THAT NIGHT .................................................

There you go , i'l undo it for you...

Your welcome Calvin Mouse x

A mouse and his dog !

awwww would ya look at that - he even has his own ball and blanket ! well i guess he is a very happy mouse ! ... wonder what he will call him?

I commisioned the dog especially for calvin mouse , the lovely JulietK made him very special indeed . His legs , arms and head all move ! and he even came in his own little home with a ball , heart and blanket ... He is needle felted and made from Merino Wool.. thank you Juliet for making him so special ... i think calvin mouse adores him !
Juliets blog

Fimo and Earring findings available from the Artistic Stamper !

The copics workshop is now full , however i am taking names for the next booking in leeds , please email me if interested in the next workshop.

Monday, 19 January 2009

card kits !

Ive been making card kits for my craft club and friends for the last couple of days... and throughly enjoying myself too !

Heres one using a Rachelle Anne Miller stamp - and i coloured her in with copics - i love the brightness of this kit !

I think this one is my favourite - i used the wild asparagus range from my minds eye and i inked the edges and chalked the background - i love the colours on this one.

Now if your wondering were calvin mouse is - im afraid he caught sophia's flu and is tucked up in bed with lucazade and his favorite cheese ... Ive been giving him lots of TLC and if you call back in a day or so there is a big surprise for him .... i'l give ya a clue .... its furry and has a tail ... not saying anymore ... as he might peek at the blog and i dont want to spoil his surprise ! hehee !

I shall leave you with a another card kit for sticky fixers !


please email me for details.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Stamped Image Box

Sorry i have'nt posted for a few days , my daughter has flu and ive running around after her transporting ben and jerrys ice-cream to and from the freezer ! As well a mopping her brow ... but ofcourse the most important aspect of getting well ( according to her) is having the ice-cream ! (shes 18 !)

Well i did get a chance to do alittle crafting and altered this cat food box ... into a stamped image holder . I needed one to keep my copic images separate . It has a divider in it also for coloured images - now i dont usually colour the image in first before i get my paper - but sometimes its handy to have some already done.

Il show you how i did it later on in this post ..heres some pics first and news !
I coloured the hanglar image in with copics . The pictures are abit light to see the shading on the image - im sure my camera is going dodgy !

Rachel , brought me back a fab martha stewart branch punch from the states. I love it - is so delicate. - thanks - Rachel x

The News ! If your interested in a" beginners copics workshop for cardmakers" please email me for the details ..
The workshop is from 10.30 - 4.30 and includes lunch and will be held in leeds
There are only 6 places left . You may even get to meet calvin mouse ! -- it seems he is into copics !

heres how i did the box.

You will need -
2 x12 x 12's to cover the front , matching
2 x 12 x12's to cover the inside also matching ,
some mountboard for the divider.
1 x circle punch .

Uhu glue.

first i opened up the box , and laid it flat ,glued the outside making sure i glued right up to the edges and stopped where my first 12 by 12 would finish then i adhered the paper . I did the same with the 2nd 12 x12 . While the glue is still wettish ,gently and carefully go over the score lines of the box with a scorer (very gently )

cut off excess paper but leave about a 3 cm of paper on the top edge and folded it over - this makes it neater.On the end corners i cut the excess on the fold at at angle and glued all the edge down.

I snipped upto to edge where the score lines were to help it bend back into the box shape.
I did the same for the inside but glued the paper near the edge of the top. You dont need 3cm of paper for the edge.

while the box was flat i cut the front lower so i could see the images inside .

I punched out some scalloped edged circles and inked the edges .

I folded the circles in half and inked the edges and glued the circles to the front edges.
I made a mountboard divider ( just a rectangular piece on mountboard) glued inside the box.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

From Russia with love !

I have been so very spoilt this christmas ! I have received the most wonderful gift from a very talented girl called Irina in Russia !
Isn't this sooooo gorgeous ! It is exquisite in perfection - every little stitch is immaculately sewn onto the Aida .

I was speechless when the postman came and handed me a parcel , wrapped in a sort of cheese cloth sealed with a metal tag at the top - on the front it said
To maddy - from Russia with love ... i opened the huge parcel and i have to admit i had tears in my eyes when i saw such a beautiful gift ... and Irina had thought to send such a beautiful gift to me ! It must have taken months and months to complete .

look at the cross stitching isnt it just perfection !

there are so many beautiful details on this ... lots of little beads , even buttons on santas top!

gold beading emaculaty sewn for the sack tassel.

How truly special i feel to receive such a wonderful gift xxxx

Thank you so very very much Irina xxxxxxxxxx

You can visit Irinas blog here -

I met Irina though blog hopping, she is such a lovely person and a very talented crafter .
As i read Irinas blog , she talked about wanting to get into scrapbooking. There is no scrapbooking shops in Russia , and Irina talked about it so passionately on her blog of how she wanted to scrapbook but has to buy from abroad . This saddened me that someone who so wanted to scrapbook found it so difficult to get supplies - so i sent her alittle parcel not much , but alittle help of stash , of scrapbooking things and we have become friends.

Now this is a longish post as i havent blogged for a few days ! I have been in recovery from a journey back from Calvins that never seemed to end. I have decided i hate trains ! especially ones that don't have a direct route !

I hae done alittle crafting and i finally, finally did Julies challenge on Jennys "object d art" blog !
something ive been trying to find the time to do for ages !
The challange was to make a tag ... so he is alittle quickie tag from me --- Ive been so influanced by some of the Norweigen blogs lately - you have to admit those Norweigen girls are totally fab !
anyway heres the tag i made. --- the image was stamped in stazon and i found out stazon and copics dont mix ! so excuse any blur on the image !

Ive used the fab new texture mats to stamp the harlequin background on the thank you . They are available from The Artisitc stamper - here.

I have a few thank yous too give out too !

A big thank you to Jenny - who made me a VERY special stamp - it says Maddys Magic ! and i love it ! xxxxxxxx

I would also like to say a big thank you Karen - i love the download !

and finally but definatly not by any means least ( how could he be ?)
Calvin - he has made me the most beautiful box ! look at this !

I have , like i said been totally spoilt !

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Elf Girl Card !

Well ive been trying my hardest to get inspiration with my boyfriends stash - but it just wasnt happening ! His papers just arnt MY papers lol ... so we took a trip to hobbicraft in Southampton and i saw this american craft paper . Now i dont know about you but i get inspired by paper ...the patterns and colours are a big inspiration for me. Calvin said he would never have chosen this paper but i love it ! There wasnt much there really - but i got a few papers .

Having been down here for over a week , im really missing my own stash lol , my stamps for one thing ! I didnt what to spend tons of money on some new stamps and having copics / prismas means that downloads are a fab option. I got the image from The graphics Factory - theres loads there but most is not for me - however i did find quite a few of these gorgeous little elf girls. I really wanted to have some images that were different and i think ive found them !

I added crackle accents to the flowers and paper and a zoomz from

Hope your all having a fab New Years Day !