Tuesday, 24 March 2009

I smell a rat !!!!

Firstly i have to applogise for the lack of blogging, soph (my dd) and I have had numerous hospital check ups and well it can wear me out alittle ...Enough of that lets get on with the crafting shall we lol ... Here is my Dt card for the Copics challenge blog ! The challenge was to use
these colours - R20 blush , RV04 shock pink and E31 brick beige - i managed to use all three on the card. I even got to play with my new nestibilties labels two. Please pop over to the copics challenge blog and see the wonderful cards the rest of the DT have made and i hope you can join in too !

Now then ... after calvin mouse bought a new Kitchen , my daughter thought it time he had some new furniture for his living room ! He was chuffed to bits with his presents ! anyway .... after the mad baking he had been doing i thought id just bob in on him and see how he has been doing ...

Calvin ... whos the mouse with the flat cap , pinny and the 80's moccasin's slippers on and who is hoovering your living room ?

Hi Malcom mouse , i take it you have come to help calvin clean up after his baking spree ... looks like he's not doing very much now mind.....lol ... i' l let you finish your hoovering ....

sounds good to me Calvin - i thought i could smell a rat somewhere ! .......
Oh and calvin i thought i told you to take off that bright red nose you wore from red nose day!....Why havent you taken it off yet ??? ... come here .. let me take it off for you ...

hmmm he fixed it alright calvin mouse .. looks like he superglued it on to me ... i wondered who had used all my super glue .. now hold still your shaking the camera !

One last tug calvin and i think i may have it !

yes all yours now calvin mouse - back to your old pink nose - tis alittle red but the swelling will go down ... go and bake your cakes it will take your mind off your honker !
want to know how rotty got on when he got back home ? - find out here ...http://mishapsinthemaking.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Dt card and ... calvin and cupcakes ????

Over on the copics colour challenge blog the new challenge is pictorial inspiration ! This week you'l see a picture to inspire your creative juices ! I let the stripes inspire me and what perfect stamp to use but the gorjuss ! Please go check out the other Dt creations they really are awesome !

I've been a bit busy this weekend ... you see i've had a bit of trouble with Calvin Mouse ... oh yes indeedy .... He's been abit naughty ....... this is how my weekend began .....

Hi Calvin mouse, you look busy .... I didnt know you could bake ????
Ahh you mean my friend Net who baked the delish chocolate cake for the copic workshop ...
hold on a minute ......you have a brand new kitchen !!!! and is that a new craft room too ? ... flippen nora you have even got a bigshot ! CALVIN MOUSE ...HOW ON EARTH HAVE YOU AFFORDED TO BUY ALL THIS ????                                                                    

LIFE !!!  

But calvin that money is for the starving !!!

Calvin mouse ... your going to have to give all that money back ... you will have to sell your cakes im afraid .... and take that silly nose off too ... red nose day has finished mr ! ...

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Some one is coming to Calvin's House ! ( readers participation required)

This post requires readers participation, please follow any instructions for maxium giggle effect ..
Well it looks like calvin mouse is waiting for someone to arrive ... funny that .. i thought he might be watching Red nose day on the telly ... I know he always chuckles at a the funny stuff people do to raise money for Comic Relief ......

readers participation please click on the link here , read , then come back ...( no cheating now !)

Did you do it ? excellent ... now you can read on ... lol

He's at it again ... peering through the curtains ... who IS he waiting for ?

Can you hear that ? i can hear swanlake music coming from calvin mouses house ..... there it is again ..... (altogether now, yes you DO HAVE to sing it out loud lol ) .....

dum ...dum de de de dum de dum , de dum da de de de deeeeee dum.......

....Ermmm .. hold on a mo ... Juliet ... Steph ... Jenny ... Donna and lets see .... hmmmm ... Paula ... your not singing loud enough ...... oh and Hels ... your abit out of tune there ...again please ...
yes thats better ... now we can carry on ...
( for those who dont know what what swanlake sounds like listen to it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5BSyJ_vlHo)

( have it it your head now ? Now hold onto the tune while reading the post !)

oh...................... i hear an anMOUSEment ....( excuse the pun ) ...

" Ladies and Gentlemen , boys and girls , rodents and well anyone else really !

"For one night only .... a madimaginations and mishaps in the making special for comic relief....

Arch enermies ,Calvin mouse and Rotty Rat present ....

Cue music .
Readers participation ... all together now )
dummm ...dum de de de dum de dum ,

de dum de

de de de de dummm ..

dum dum DUM .......


Tuesday, 10 March 2009

DT card and calvins little trip !

This week on the Copic Colour Challenge blog it was Karens turn to pick the colours and what lovely colours too ! Please go have a peekie at the DT members cards , they are fabulous !
Im entering this into the Saturday Sketchers as i used their lovely sketch to make the card.
I used basic grey papers that Steph my friend had sent me and some die cut leaves that another friend Adele sent me ! The image is mine however ! I just so love those sugar nellies !

Well what an exciting weekend Calvin mouse and i had ....
On Saturday i taught a copics workshop at the Craft Den in sheffield ...We had great fun ! heres some piccies of the day ..
I was the one taking the photos - which is just as well as there some really dodgy photos out there on the net of me doing calvin mouse impressions lol ... fortunalty no one had there camera out this time i was doing them !
Now dont be fooled by this groups sensible appearance !

Chanelle looking very pleased with fabulous work !

chanelles finished card ....

Ann totally engrossed !

Ann's finished card...

Sandra holding up her practice worksheet ..

thank you ladies .. i had a fabulous time teaching you all !

And of course Calvin came too ... He really enjoyed himself on the train going ! He had NEVER been on a train before !

Not yet Calvin Mouse soon !
Well when we got to the class - he was a bit shy ( or thats what HE said ) and made the excuse of hiding in the donuts to say hello to everyone......hmmmm do we believe that tale ? !

well after an hour or so it was the tea break and ~Calvin was soooooo looking forward to his chocolate donut that Lynne and chanelle had promised him ...HOWEVER....... Lynne seem to get to the donuts first and i caught Calvin Mouse giving Lynne a real telling off ! rofl !

he even came grassing Lynne up to me !

LOl , well he carmed down eventually when we found a few extra donuts in the cupboard .

Now then ... when it came to going home i could'nt find Calvin mouse anywhere !!!
I knew he was in lynnes somewhere so i had to come home without him !
After a few adventures with Lynne he eventually arrived home !
and feeling the effects of those donuts me thinks !

Hi there Calvin Mouse , how ya doing this morning , did you enjoy all the chocolate and all the donuts over at Lynnes ? .....

LOl , wow thats certainly a donut belly i see there Calvin !
Poor Calvin Mouse ... Well i guess that will teach you not too get too greedy !
anyway you have some Calvin Mouse duties to do ... you being a superstar and all comes with responibilty Calvin ... you have to look after your fans ... You have had a request ... so come on , stop thinking about ya belly and do your duties !

there ... now you can go do 100 sit - ups and get that podgy belly off before the next post !

Ohhh and i've just found out - i have won the fabulous basic grey candy Kath was giving away - wooooo hooooo - i never usually win blog candy ! i am sooooooo chuffed ! Thank you so much Kath !

You must go see Kaths fab makes - her cards are stunning !

Friday, 6 March 2009

workshop Card !

I've been making some samples up for tomorrow copic workshop in Sheffield tomorrow - i am sooo looking forward to it !
Ive used the laundry line papers and the gorjuss stamp - i love those papers !

I coloured the bloom in with copics and inked around the edges of the card with a cats eye ink, i have to say i always love using those inks.
Oh and guess who else will be joining in too ?
Yep the mouse himself - i think he is abit busy trying to pack for tommorow.....
Ahhhhhh here he is now ...... Evening Calvin Mouse ... how ya doing .... all sorted are we ?? have you managed to pack all your copics ? you look like your struggling abit Calvin ...

lol , well i guess they would be for a mouse Calvin lol ... Have you got your ticket ?

lol i know you are Calvin mouse -- i bet your looking forward to meeting all the ladies !!!

I dont think so Calvin Mouse , there might be some biscuits and you get your lunch too...

nope not even for a mouse superstar !

ROFL oh Calvin .... i might get some in for you ... if and only if ... you dont try and kiss every lady at the Craft Den ... lol ...

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Copic challenge card and rottys at it again !

This is the DT card i made for the copic colour challenge blog , the challenge this week is a sketch .

I used basic grey papers and a crafty individuals flourish stamp , i love those little metal embellies i got from the Craft den . I distress the edges of the paper and coloured in the metal embelishments with copics. The green stitches around the edge is a clear stamp i got about a year ago and had forgotten i had it !

NOW THEN ......

We all know that my boyfriend Calvin came up last week ... now where ever he goes Rotty rat goes too.... Im afraid i had to severely reprimand Rotty Rat and if his behaviour doesnt change , i will not allow him to come again ..... so just what is it he did that made me feel like that .... take a look below .... i think Calvin mouse was rescued in the nick of time !




Hmmm your dont look so hard now do you ? I was going to take you to my copics workshop , but since you have embossed my mouse your not even allowed to LEAVE that naughty corner now !
Im going to have to sort Calvin mouse out and remodel him and if you hurt him ever again i'l remodel you into a poodle !!

Well poor Calvin mouse was rather tramatised by that ordeal , so i made it up to him by taking him to my workshop and let him loose on Nets chocolate cake ... i think he liked it !!

and in true Calvin mouse Superstar style he was a big hit with all the ladies at the copics workshop ... theres more photos on Juliets blog here

So what happened to Rotty Rat when he got home ??? well you will have to take a peek at mishaps in the making blog here ..