Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Male card and more christmas cards !

I must admit i have only made a few male cards in the last year and when i was commissioned by my daughters carer for a card for her boyfriend I remembered  the Mikey downloads from charmed that calvin treated me too .  So here he is ..

I love Martha Stewart border punches but just didnt have one that was "male " enough , however i did find punch that had repeated rectangles  in my stash - i bought it a while ago for something silly like a pound .. ive never used it before but thought it was perfect for a border .

I used a We R  Merory Keepers desighner eyelets and snaps that i recieved in a secret santa last year ! I used a punch out circle underneth it .

I decorated it simple style inside - that gorgeous stripped paper is basic grey "mellow" .
Ive been working hard trying to catch up on my card making - i have to say i am abit rusty on the old copics !
I needed to make a thank you card for someone who helped me at christmas , so i thought it was Ok to have a christmas image on .

Inside the card...

The Images are Mo Mannings , and im afraid i did get alittle hooked and made some simple ones for next Christmas ! Oh i do feel organised - and proberly for the first time ever i will have some chrimbo cards to send without a major panic !!!!
I love the little Dog ! He is just like my daughters dog Mojo .... Only this one doesnt pee on my christmas tree !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is some of my stash for next year !
just simple ones ..



This one sooo looks like my daughter soph ! look at the dog !!!!!!!! heheeeee he is a happy little chappie ( hmmmm ........maybe he has just pee'd up someones christmas tree too eh ?) lol
I'd just like to say a big THANKYOU  to Carlyann for featuring some of my makes on 
The Devine Influence Blog xxxx click here to see .This fabby blog features inspirational makes and cards from blogs - hope you have the chance for a peekie - x

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Better late then never !

Well i guess its better late than never ! Here is my first Christmas card ive made ! Together with a matching cookie bag that im entering into the Dare you 2 digi  stamp challenge blog .

I was so inspired by Karens gorgeous Easel Card over at the projects page on Charmed cards ( click here) that i decided to have a go at one myself .

I used a charmed digital download from the mixed christmas set .

I used a martha stewert fern leaf punch around the window  and sizzix dies for the "cookies"
Now once i made it , i did have a little trouble fitting it into any of my envelopes , so i wrapped a ribbon around it instead and used a spell binder die for the " just for you" layer .

I guess it will just have to be hand given !
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas  and thank you everyone who commented on my last post , so so lovely to see all my blog friends again ! xxx

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Its been a while .......

It's been awhile since i did any bloggin and crafting too . First I had p.c problems and could'nt get the laptop working properly , then my health was'nt too good ....i did evently get the laptop going again. Then something major happened in my life ... my dear dear Dad passed away.... its been heartbreaking for me and my family.

I loved him dearly .. im finding it hard to even write this ... but i know he would want me to get back on my feet , so im making a big effort to do so, it may take a while to get back on the track i left , but il be trying !

I'd like to say a huge thankyou to a fellow crafter Geraldine  who is a lovely friend and quite by chance is the bearevement officer at the Hospital and looked after my Dad for me . I cant thank you enough Geraldine xxxx Geraldine was so comforting to my mum and me , I am not sure really that it was by chance - im sure a bigger power had a hand in that  one after all what were the chances of that happening eh ? 

Ive been staying with my mum alot this last month. While i was there i took along some knitting, ive NOT given up on the card making , i just need something to do that was easy to cart back and forth. I decided to make   Calvins girlies some hand knitted pressies for chrimbo ... Nowim not the most brilliant knitter i have to say ... However my daughter introduced me to a shop in Leeds call The wool shop , click here 
  I met the owner - lovely lady she is,  she designed a slipper pattern and was giving it away free with the wool - so i took it . It was sooooooo easy !
Now it was suppose to be in garter stitch , but i changed it to moss stitch and jazzed it up with fringing and beads. I also made the pattern a bit smaller .

Here are the finished results ! you can wear them up or down .

well once i finished them i did get alittle hooked and then made some socks and wrist warmers for them too ......

Ok so the thumb bit looks a bit dodgy ... i did say i wasnt brilliant at knitting ! (it does look ok when its on though !)

Hmmm you know i can hear some clicking noises ......
 I wonder who that could be ?

I might have guessed !  Yes Calvin Mouse i got quite hooked for a little while ....
com on then lets take alook of what your scarf looks like .

Giggle... Yep Calvin mouse i think you may have ! WOW i bet you would make Dr Who jealous with that one !

Well im going to try and get back into some card making after christmas and ofcourse ive really missed blogging and visiting everyone ...
Id like to end this post with some crafting that my Dad had done if thats ok ...

My Dad had a stroke 4 years ago , i had cancer at the time and we never told him. So him and me were not well bunnies ...I used to go and sit with him while my mum went to do the shopping . I would take some card making gear and sit and quitely do some card making . then one day he offered to help ... His stroke made his hands shake so much that i wasnt expecting him to be able to make anything .

So i got the most simple die cuts and there my Dad was churning out cards like no ones buisness !!! I actually told him it was for sophia ( my dd) that needed the cards. Some friends who were crafters started sending him crafting gear from all over england the stash came for him!

Here he is with his favourite , Rudolph , we had a real giggle trying to get a pom pom nose on him ! My Mum was so so proud of my Dad that day ... he made her a card and she cried , something truly remarkable had happened that day ..

He also helped me make calvins kids some fab puppets for a puppet theatre that i was making ..
The puppets were made from tennis balls and calico !

heres the puppet theatre ... it hangs on the door when the door is open , made steady  with hooks and dowelling rods. Calvin helped me finish the special touches to it ... he writes so beautifully !

Im not quite sure what i was doing here ! lol I think i was in charactor as i told the story !
The kids absolutely loved it and they still use it today 3 years on !

See you soon everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New year !