Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sweet little sugar nellie Daisy ..with fimo flowers.

I do love this sugar nellie stamp ... i've had little Daisy ages and she's always a joy to colour , i never get sick of this stamp !
Heres the vintage style topper i made with her..

I've made some fimo flowers for the topper and used tim holtz crackle paint for the heart .
I also rolled the edges up of the double sided paper ...
Id like to enter this into these challenges
One stop craft - anything goes
paper pretties - make it square
wee memories - anything goes

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Pretty flower girl !

This pretty little flower girl is a pergamano stamp ! I never knew they  did stamps - 
but when i saw her in charmed cards i knew she was just to cute to pass by !
She came in a set , and she was just a joy to colour in with my copics. 

Just to say , that the grass is not that light and strangely sparkly in real life 
im really not sure what happened there - apart from my daylight bulb exploded a few moments later after the  shots were taken, infact it actually caught fire !!!
you should have seen my dog and I jump , I was really lucky actually as it was inches away from my face !!!

I decoupaged her hair , not sure if you can tell from the piccy , its quite bright in real as i photographed it at night in my photo tent and its never as good as daylight., or as safe either lol 

I made the flower from a large flower punch and added a gorgeous little gingham brad to match the ribbon.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Now if you like fairies , you might like this !

Well i did say in a previous post that i did do alittle crafty shopping a few days ago , i thought id share what i've been making with my new stash !
A Magnolia fairy tilda topper and Fimo Fairy door / wall plaque set.

Ohhh i have been naughty and totally indulged myself in the new stash ! lol 
well , i'd better run you through what i've been making ,
first the card topper 

I've used Annalee prima papers for the whole set , and Prima note cards in a box
I love her wings they are part of a prima butterfly, and ive 
added more glitter.
the bottom of her skirt has pealised 3d paint .

and a matching envelope box - that houses the topper - and yes the wings do fit in !

Now i have loads and loads of plaques from when i did fimo personalise fairy door plaques , 
but when i saw this little wooden plaque in charmed cards i could'nt resist it !
I tied some little gingham ribbon to the wire and decorated with paper , blooms and ofcourse 
the fimo fairy !

I'snt she delightful there with her little wand and tooth bag !

I'd like to enter this into these challenges 
totally tilda - pink and pearls ( bottom of tildas dress has pearlised paint on )
Just Magnolia - think pink

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Pretty in pink and cream Hanglar girl !

What a pain blogger has been today ! ive been trying to upload this topper for ages !
anyway thought id share this pretty and cream hanglar girl topper.
I did a bit of shopping in charmed cards and got some gorgeous blooms ,    lace and some papers (ive yet to use the papers !) So you will see some new bits and pieces in the next few bloggins !
Theres nothing like some new stash to get the creative juices flowing is there ?
I got some more blooms and pearlised the edges with pearlised paint , its really yummy in real - you cant see the glistening on the photo .

I have a dolly in the oven so must dash ! lol

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Vintage Style 2010 Christmas tilda and Fairy door winner !

When i got this gorgeous tilda new release stamp i thought how vintagey she looked , with her little lantern and her furry coat , so decided to do abit of a vintage style ..I had a gorgeous brass buckle that ive been wanting to use for ages and it just went perfect with this topper .
I went abit endulgent ! I photographed this in the sun so you can see the glass glitter from meyer imports (banner on the side of my blog) , it doesnt show up properly  otherwise. 
I made a fimo flower and leaves for the top of the heart.

I used tim holz distress crackle paint on the heart and diamond dust on the flowers , I gently cut the paper  and did a lace up effect . This topper has been distressed inked and sewn. It has , glass glitter , stickles and a fine dusting of very fine glitter on tilda - you can really tell the different textures between all the glitters.
 I used a different glass glitter colour than my usual on the pin and charm - a gorgeous green and a silvery blue . You can just about see the dusting of fine glitter ( just normal fine glitter) on tildas coat - see what i mean about the difference ?
I dipped my blooms in diamond dust. 
and attached some fimo roses and leaves to the heart .

The topper took me hours and hours ! but i really did enjoy every minute making it .
Tilda is ofcourse  coloured with copics !

id like to enter this topper into these challenges
Dotties world - anything goes 
fussy and fancy - winter wonderland 
-charisma cards  Vintage
Quixotic paperie - christmas is comming

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Pretty and sparkly tilda !

This  topper is really really sparkly in real , i had a blast cutting all the flourishs bloom from basic grey "eva" paper out and layering them 3d on the topper.

I 've tucked some pretty blooms under the flourishes 
and stickled around them. Its really sparkly !

Id like to enter this topper for 
pear tree designs - free for all
wild orchid - pastels


Friday, 22 October 2010

Dt Witch Card and fimo Witch !

Now i often get asked to be on DT's and i have say i have to be the worst Dt member ever ! Some disaster always happens with me  - i can be so unreliable ! So when Roberta from PrairieFairy Designs  asked me - I told her  what im like lol ... "No problem" she said , "just be in when you can ! -"
Now Georgina  challenged me  to make  a Fimo witch and when i saw digital Gillian the witch in the Prairie Fairy
store - i just knew she was exactly what i needed !
either use one or make one - 
Have you spotted mine? - i had eat 3 packets of spooky chocolate rolls - ya know i really suffered for this challenge he heeeeee ! ( what a piggy  i am !)
and in the end i only actually needed alittle bit of a wrapper ... better to be safe than 
sorry eh 
! hehee !
My dt card 
She was a real joy to colour was Gillian !
Now the star was covered in a candy chocolate roll bar wrapper - i found a bit on it with a spiders web  on !!
and now for the fimo witch !

Shes real miffed i have to tell you .... she aint happy ! 
 she parked her broom for a few hours and what happens - it gets clamped !
What a sour face she is !


Even the poor cats fed up with it all !

Now isnt her broom totally fabulous !!
The broom was made by my fabby crafty boyfriend Calvin  
from "mishaps in the making" he is so clever !
Please head over to the Prairie  Fairy challenge blog and see the fab Dt makes
and maybe join in the challenge it doesnt have to be a prairie design !
I'd like to also enter this into these challenges

fab and funky - things that go bump in the night

just to remind you that the fairy door candy will close tonight
10pm uk time.

Let the fairies in ! BLOG CANDY !! this post will remain at the top !

(comes with fixers to attach above the  skirting board)
Did you know there are homes out there that have poor little fairies trapped in the skirting boards 
- never to escape because they don't have a fairy door to open ?
Tut tut tut !!!!
Has your kids ever woke up in the morning and the tooth is still under the pillow ??? hmmm ?
Thats because you have'nt got a fairy door up !
Well if you have'nt got one heres your chance to own one - and you dont have to have kids either - 
works for adults too !!! 
In the above photo is a fairy door , hand carved by my boyfriend Calvin from mishaps in the making blog.
It has beautiful figeree brackets and a little door knob and knocker - this one is the basic fairy doors - 
The others have a gorgeous diamondy handle - but he left this one here - and since i have my own , i could'nt 
possibly put it up or id be over run by fairies - and they can make a terrible mess sometimes !!
So if you would like to win it  , please spread the word on your blog sidebar , become a follower and leave a 
comment below - winner will be picked from random .
open until
10pm 22nd october 2010.
anyone can join in with this blog candy !
Now closed 
Edited to say ...........
LOL your comments have been making me giggle ! i never knew i had so many witty followers ! ........
and all with trapped fairies !!!! my my  what a cruel bunch you all are ! rofl !
and to think your fairyless too ! ...... at least one of you will be able to FREE YA FAIRIES SOON !
(im sat here with tears of laughter rolling down my eyes !) 
good luck everyone in the draw !

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Pink Princess and some answered questions !

I'd like to share with you today this pretty and very glittery Tilda gift set , includes card , matching box envelope , fimo dolly and matching box..
The card is decorated inside to , and the box fits dolly perfectly !
and here she is cuddling her teddy ! awwww .
This cute set has already a home to go to , it has been commissioned by a lovely lady ...and will be shortly leaving my abode to her loving home !

I've been asked by a few of you some questions  - so il answer a few here, if thats ok.
I've worked out that my first  fimo creation was around 18 1/2 years ago ! I cant believe its that long !
I've managed to dig a picture of me and fimo - when i was 29 years old - Omgoodness - im now 42 !!!
This picture was taken for Popular Crafts Magazine  for a feature for my fimo .
I used to do alot of fairies and won a competition, I stopped crafting  for few years to be a carer for my daughter soph , then i was just getting back into crafting when i then got cancer - (im fine now !)  but i seem to have lost some of my skills abit ,  ive been in and out of fimo a few times - but then i get the bug again !
this Fairy is called Jessica , and her baby ,

right some answers to your questions....
Q. What clay do i use ?
 A. fimo classic , sometimes others Theres a number of different clays available now ,
there were only a couple when i first started !
Q. Do you use moulds ?
A.  Never !! lol everything is done by modelling by hand. ! and i rarely use cake 
cutting tools either - in fact probably only ever a few times in years.
Q. What tools do you use ?
A.Scalpal is the main one.
I do have a few tools that have been especially made, one that does the hair ridges on a roller  , and a tool that can do a checked design . I also use a pasta maker sometimes ,if im making alot
but i do prefer to roll the clay myself.especially  if the thickness isnt what i want.
A seamless hairspray can or similar can be used for rolling clay.
Q. Why does mine break?
A . fimo is breakable with force ,and should be handled with care  .Does yours break ?  Not really , unless handled  quite roughly or dropped from a height  ,  most polymer clay artists that sell thier work , will tell you they would have developed their own ways of making  the clay stronger to be able to sell it  , and i have practiced ways of baking etc , lots of  other things will help too  , the right oven temperature , time in the oven and also the design is very important in making it so its not as breakable , and every oven is different too , I hated it when i had to buy a new cooker  ! lol ,Also mixing different clays together can have an effect on the strengh. But remember Fimo is fun and theres a big difference to that of making it for pleasure and selling - so dont be put off - You can make yourself wonderful figures and stuff because you will be delicate with it - more so than other people.
Q. Who taught you ?
A. I taught myself - it took many years to master as i did'nt want to read books on it as i was too fightened by being infulance by others , i wanted my own style ... I think its worked  or at least i hope so !) the other day i had an email from an old friend , who said she had seen my work in an curiosity shop / antique shop,  ( i must have done it years ago! ) and she thought "thats Maddy's ! lol which was really nice hear.
Q..Do you do workshops for the dollies ?
No, for those partically dollys ,, id like to get  to my goal of fimo career full time at some point and sell lots ,lol and i would proberly get linched by any other polymer clay artists who do similar and spent years practicing  , lol although they all proberly do it different , there maybe a few workshops around that do similarbut not for those dollies , but proberly makes for personal pleasure rather than to learn to do it for selling  / career,   if that makes sence and very few polymer artists will tell you thier tricks for saleable work , theres a difference between the two ,  for   Instance i would not sell my fimo Cinderella as i know its too delicate , it would have to make one specifically not to be so delicate- but for my own personal pleasure its fine.There are a few workshops around also for making jewellery  or small gifts and now fairy sculpting - which use to be a real secret of how to do it , but that seems to have relaxed a bit with  the surge of polymer clay fairy artists now.. Learning techniques , is a good start and there are lots on the internet or youtube.
Q. Will you be doing any tutorials in clay on the blog  ?
A . yes , im hoping to do one for some spooky earrings and hope you all have a go at.

I hope i have'nt waffled too much and its answered some of your questions.. 
maddy xx

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Pretty Delicate Tilda !

I thought i'd share with you a topper that i made , bit of a different style for me. I was mooching around the 
Inspirational blog , and came across all the scrapbooking pages and this really is scrapbooking inspired , ish ! but miniture !
In the photo it looks more cluttered but in real you can see all the pretty layers and details - its very glittery and delicate in real ... i really enjoyed making it , cutting out flourishes and tulips swirls on my cricut and stickled glittered them .
Now i dont usually do real dark colours , but layered some dark charcoly black / grey and also punch out a butterfly with it too ... i think it works really well...
The papers are "websters pages"  and basic grey..and the stamp is tilda ( not sure which one  , sorry !)
Dont forget to enter my blog , if you havent aready done so - theres only a few days left !
I'd like to enter this topper into
Top tip tuesday - anything goes
Papercutz challenge - anything goes
Allsorts challenge - bingo - top row peals , brads , lace.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Dear Santa, please can i have a teddy ? ,,,, Edwins Fimo Christmas set !

I've been a real busy bee ! I won this gorgeous new release Christmas Edwin , so decided to make a topper set .Card topper , matching Envelope box and OOAK matching fimo / polymer clay Christmas boy and teddy,
He is Edwin  and he is writing his wish list for Santa ! All he wants is a teddy to cuddle ... awwwwwwww ....
 Heres the christmas Topper of Edwin
I've used german glass glitter to adorn Edwins hat , scarf and cuffs.It sparkles like diamonds - i love tjhe stuff !
I used my cricut for the mat and stickled it for sparkle.
and now for the Christmas boy and teddy 
Handcrafted with fimo , here sits The Christmas Boy with the teddy he got for christmas ! isnt he a cutie !
This stands 9cm high and about 8 1/2 wide  bigger than my usual size... once again the hat and scarf and cuffs have glass glitter for sparkle,
awwww he is snuggling it tightly !
At the side of them is a sack with presents ...
id like to enter this into these challenges..
Paper take weekly - 3 of a kind ( 3 gems - one on the left snowflake, 1 top left and one on the snowflake right,
 a spoonful of sugar - winter wonderland

Friday, 15 October 2010

fancy some copics ?

Now Karen from charmed cards and crafts has always been real generous , whether it be blog candy or the forums cyber bingo , karen has to be the best for giveaways - and she has done it again ! 
Karen is giving away 72 copics ciao set  wowza !- and to be in with a chance bob over to her blog  HERE .... theres all the info there !
good luck !

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Hanglar and fimo girl primitive style !

I was'nt sure whether this topper was going to be a christmas one - I decided that if i  had a sentiment that could do for any ocassion then it could be for christmas , birthday or any reason . Theres velvet ribbon on the tag and a metal swirl .Coloured with copics of course !

The fimo dolly i made to match from fimo - look close at her boots , they have laces !
 and glitter on her hat . She is alittle bigger than my usual dollys - this one is around 
8 1/2 cm .
Id like to enter this into these challenges 
A spoonful of sugar- winter wonderland
simon says  - 3 types embellies and 2 pattern paper