Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Bit of a Newsflash !

Sorry but can i have another "proud mum " moment pleassssssse ! rofl

Georgie and her backing muscians are on Yorkshire Radio this morning after 11 am !!
Its in two parts and the first part she was asked to sing a football terrace song - but she has put a real 
spin on it ! its really nice atcually !! 2nd part has her singing her original - sunrise ..
see above post ...something  amazing happened with her version of a football song  guys !

Thanks for letting me have another proud mum moment !! 

Monday, 21 November 2011

I'm still alive ! and back with some great news !

Yep folks im still alive .. so sorry to all the follows who have been patiently waiting for a blog post .... so much has happened i really don't know where to begin ... i'l try and sum it up very very brief ,  soph moving , house decorating , new bathroom and kitchen for soph , family health scares ( and one that wasnt ) Georgie being burgled ........ internet on and off , pc troubles ... the list could go on and on ........ any the final and big news is ...................................... Remember how you wonderful crafters supported Georgette ( my daughter ) by buying some fimo earrings to help her pay for a keyboard so she could go to collage ? ...Well she couldnt get a keyboard - it was just too much money so she got a guitar instead and went on a guitar course .. she did 10 weeks on the course and then was hoping to go to music collage in september to learn the craft and go further into the music side of things . however she didnt get there because
 ..she didnt need to !!!

Georgette entered a competition called open Mic Uk a national singing comp , the prize is a record deal and £30, 000 investment ......... she sailed through the auditions and sailed through the regionals ...and was in the judges top 8,. she is now in the Areas and if she gets through that shes performing her original and a cover at the indigo arena in at the 02 in London and competeing for that record deal !!!!!!!!!

Its also being filmed by sky for a two part series in January ! So you may well see Georgie on the telly too !

Oh but theres more !!!!!! she been giging , busking and has lots of various acoustic sessions booked on Radio , plus one of her covers has been aired on radio too !!! its been totally manic !!!

She also collaborated with a rapper and wrote and recorded some tracks which are now being aired on American radio stations and theres talk of needing to go out there ......... see told ya its been manic !!

And guess whos roped in into helping and organising - yep me and Soph being a good cook is in charge of making sure Georgette and her guitarists are eating well and healthy ! Turning up with food and health snacks to keep them going !  It also gets Soph out which is good thing.

So i hope you will all understand how manic life has been ... and thankyou to all those that have bought earrings - its helped Georgette in so many ways - its an expensive buisness to get started i have to say !

I will be crafting again in a week or so ... but in the meantime you can see Georgettes winning performance ..

I was about a 1/3 down in the audience filming there were a few hundred at least in the audience.
She had 3 minutes to perform a cover and her original " Fall for you .. the cover is her own regaee / folk version of "nothin compares to u " hope you all enjoy it x

Georgette has now just recorded her debut E.P which will be released soon ... everything has just taken off so quick for her ... its been unbelievable !

She now has a new bandpage ...
Her new  Band page on Facebook is here - would love to see you there ...
and her blog which is just this minute going public -  link -  A Girl Called George is Here  Please go follow if you can .;.. its abit lonely there at the moment as its literally gone public , . if you have got inspiring girly popstars in your family they will love her page  and all of what it all is entailing , there will be music going on there and a taste of the new E.P on there soon too .....

Oh if your wondering about Calvin ... he is still alive too and has been musically busy ! haha ... i believe he has just done a blog post ... go check it out ... theres a strange woman on there playing a ukulele ... don't know who she is mind but she could have at least done her hair and had some makeup on ! lol ...