Monday, 5 December 2011

Fimo , Radio , TV what ???

Well ive managed to do alittle crafting , i made some fimo earrings , pigs , penquins and christmas puddings . 
The penquins have'nt got there eyes on yet ( oh poor things !) ive yet to finish them ...

and a few snowman too !
If you want to make the fimo snowmen the tutorial is here  SNOWMEN  on my blog ...

Georgettes News !!!

Now then your all going to be AMAZED at what has happened to Georgette my daughter over 
the last few days ... and if you have any budding popstars or singer/ songwriters in the family her 
blog here is a must see A GIRL CALLED GEORGE ..

In brief - Georgette entered a singing competition mic uk , in order to promote herself
she went on local radio stations with her backing muscians Phil and Nay .. one such station
is  Yorkshire radio who ask her to perform a football Terrace song 
Marching on together .She did and the leeds fans loved it .. they tweeted and emailed the station to play it 
again ... and again .... and again ..every day this is happening 

They started emailing George to buy the single - but she
does'nt have one ... One fan suggested it would make a fitting tribute to the very sad loss 
of Gary Speed and the proceeds go to charity .

So the Leeds Utd fans have now set up a campaign on facebook for it to be released as a tribute charity single !!
T.V picked up on it and Georgette , Nay and Phil were on the BBC news 
Gary Speed Tribute slot Singing Marching on Together .

Please support it !! 
whether your a leeds fan , Gary Speed fan or feel its a worthy cause !
Yorkshire Radio reckon its stands a good chance of getting in the charts if its released 
the campaign is only a few days old and already its passed 1,000 !
please add yourself to the facebook link and lets get this released !
They really took Georgettes version to thier hearts - who would have thought any of this would have happened ! wow ! She and Nay and Phil are so honoured to be part of this x
please support the campaign - the money from the single when released will go to charity !
Ask on the campaign site to hear the Radio session with the song on and they will
give you the link xxxxxxx its really lovely .

This is what Darren Harper at Yorkshire Radio said this morning ..

He reckons this could get in the top ten or even No 1 !

Have a listen yourself and add yourself here 
They have added Georgette , Nay and Phil on there to post updates and videos ..

thanks everyone xxxxx
Edited to say as from New year Georgette has now changed her name to Hilton
and has a brand new artist page - you can follow and click her like button here !