Sunday, 30 September 2012

Look whats going in the oven !

For most people its tradition for sundays to pop a roast in the oven - Not in Maddy's house !
Both kids have left home - so in my house what goes into the oven is fimo ! ( polymer clay )

I made these today and they are all ready to be baked !

Now if you see any imperfections , they get sorted after baking . 

                 I haven't named this fimo dolly yet - so if you have any suggestions pop it into the comment box - not sure what name she looks like ! she is certainly cuddling a blanket tight -

Oh now this one is definitely a Miss Cupcake - don't ya think ? look at her little button shes loves them ( i dont think teddy minds them either  !)

and these are Ickle cotton reel Ted fairies - this is a christmas one - he has a snowman at his feet !
Behind him is a cupcake Fairy Teddy .

 Oh and this one is  rather shocked a butterfly has landed on her ! 

The cotton reels were kindly donated by a lovely lady called Sonia on do -crafts forum , and they will be sold for cloth cat charity .
I am actually a terrible terrible cook ! (Ask my kids )
However i have only ever burn't one fairy in 20 old years  !

 Now im off to the craftroom  to make some matching cards for dollies !


Leah Ann Gast said...

Oh my goodness!!! These are sooo adorable!

Jackie said...

They are all absolutely brilliant :o)
Jackie xx

Sue from Oregon said...

Darling! Love that sweater texture on the little pinky girl!

Riet said...

This is so wonderful.

Hugs Riet.xx

Rachel said...

Glad you clarified about the cotton Reels - at first glance I thought they were on the loo for some obscure reason - lol - great modelling though - and when you say soted after being in the oven what sort of sorting do you do?

TAM said...

Brilliant - especially loving Miss Cupcake

Angélique said...

oh i love your work with fimo!!, ehhh could you come overhere???? I have an oven too LOL

Deb said...

oh wow, they are adorable, can't believe the detail on each one!

Andrea said...

Hi Maddy
All of your creations are beautiful.
I look forward to seeing the matching cards.
Love, Andrea xx

jules said...

Hi Maddy, i have just started this craft, i saw yours and now im hooked!!.
I love the latest, they are gorgeous and soo cute!.
I would name her miss Lilyboo as i think it suits her.
I keep practising with my fimo but cant seem to reach your standard! lol!!

Grenouille Greetings said...

WOW! What stunning creations, Maddy! I adore your teddy fairies - I am not able to choose a favourite - I love them all with their pretty embellishments. As for your girlies - they are gorgeous. The cupcake cutie with her bunny and teddy friends is a delight and the little pink baby with the dummy in her both is fabulous. I love all the texture on their clothes! Who needs a roast when you can have these cuties! Hugs, Lesley

Bitter_Angel said...

I always fall in love with everyone of your creations. Your modelling work is fantastic.

Daisychain said...

They are all sooo sweet! I adore all the little characters you make, you are so clever. I think I would call the little girl with the blanket 'Clara Cuddles'. Hugs Christine x

Rebekah said...

Aww wow these are amazing Madi! so super cute hugs Rebekah xx

dicards said...

I love them Maddy. I was hopeless at modelling, so I don't think I will try it LOL. I think the one with the dummy is Dolly Daydream :-)

Henriëtte said...

Hello Maddy,

Wauw, beauty's!
Sorry I speak a little englisch.

Hugs from Holland

Tammi said...

Wow a fabulous collection of cuties, just love the cupcakes (and every other single detail) it's always fun seeing what you make!