Monday, 9 December 2013

Reindeer Hat !

Well it is a Reindeer hat , but its not for a human ! Its for a whippet ! yep thats right the latest fashion statement .. I don't have whippets but i am knitting these for charity called Hearthounds .. Its a charity that help the homeless and the street dogs they have . Its only a small charity . At the moment they are helping those in Leeds and Bradford but are just expanding to Glasgow and Edinburgh.

I've been making the hats along with dog collars too - if you want to check out some crafty things for sale they have there own gift selling page  here

Reindeer hat is £11.50 +pp 1.50 - if you wish to purchase the Reindeer hat or need the measurements please visit the above link or email me at .

Saturday was really busy for me I helped out with the Hearthounds Christmas fair and i tell you I  had such a great time ! Jenna and friend and a lovely lady called Rachael and me manned the craft stall - we had a great day and it was great fun ...and we raised over £85 for Hearthounds. on our stall.

Heres the Gang !


Anonymous said...


Would love to buy a whippet reindeer hat. Can you please send me the details how to purchase
Thanks Carole

maddy hill said...

Hi Carole - I can't message you as you have posted as anonymous , but you can email me at and I can send you the paypal details from there and also tell you the size also . Thanks x