Sunday, 12 January 2014

Fimo fairy door /name plaque

Well the fimo has eventually come out ... yes im getting back to my old love of fimo - soon i shall be doing the cards again !

I made the fimo fairy and teddy  door / name plaque  for orders for Hearthounds a non profit organization that helps the homeless and their street dogs with food and vet bills .. I was very touched by two doggies in particular . One called Zac a street dog in Edinburgh ,he belongs to Kevin who is homeless . Many of the homeless who have dogs relay on them for companionship - in many cases it can be the only family they have and will often feed the dog before themselves...

They gave Zac a coat and food for the week plus treats !

              This door / name plaque has a cute fairy with glittery wings and teddies ! 

The name / door plaques are available to order - monies go towards hearthounds and its their paypal that it goes into .. they are £14 plus £2.50 uk posting - overseas will vary .. please email me to order - colours of plaque / hair etc Boys also available - name / pirate and teddies / puppies .. or more bespoke orders welcome ! for orders or via facebook .

I you would like to help hearthounds there are many ways to do so -- whether you could help with a blog appeal ?? or donate or just share this post or please if your on face book check
them out  here and see the wonderful ways in which they help - its only very small so everything and every share counts xx

Happy crafting everyone xx love maddy


Wendy L said...

Hi Maddy, thanks for visiting me. Your door plaques are gorgeous, I used to play with fimo when my boys were little, not as good as yours. xxx

Julie Kitchener said...

Hi Maddy i just love your fimo makes always gorgeous!!!!

Loz said...

what a fantastic organisation! I love your door plaque, gorgeous x