Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Last Leg

If there's one thing I love its community spirit .. and this month I have experienced it multiple times !

A few weeks ago I joined in our local  community garage sale - there were many houses and stalls involved  but only two of us taking part in my street . However other neighbours starting bringing out chairs and parking them at the side of our tables , we spent the day selling and having a jolly good gossip and eating and drinking , my neighbours husband was even bringing out sandwiches and coffees. My neighbours on the left were having Ramadan and bless them , they came out giving drinks to everyone too, which can't be easy on a hot day during Ramadan. We had a really good day , and I encourage anyone to organise one in their street . Its a great way of getting to know your neighbours and also making some pennies . - Well thats if your neighbours table isn't selling make - up and baskets ( I think I spent all the money I made haha !) 
As you can see , it did turn into a bit of a knit and natter - and yes that's Calvin sewing the ends in on a crochet blanket  ... he does make me laugh !

Well I thought the excietment was all over until I watch  a programme called The Last Leg .. its a comedy programme here in the UK but it does talk about serious issues , like the recent budget and how its just going to make things so much harder for people. In the programme they encouraged people to give someone a #legup - meaning help someone who is struggling be it work , fixing something or just general help . When I saw this I thought of my neighbour , he had made huge plans for his garden and then found out he had a leg tumour and could not go through with rebuilding his garage . Some people might  not think that's too important , but when your poorly and when you open your curtains every morning and see it lying there in piles taking up the garden  , knowing that there's no chance of getting it done this year or being able for him or his family to enjoy the garden in the summer - it can prey on your mind and really get you down at a time you should be concentrating on getting well. ..... So I put a plea out for help on a facebook community site and wow within minutes there was about seven people willing to move and erect about 14 heavy concrete panels and bolt them in place .  One of the willing was the boss of a  local  Horsforth building company , L.A.H building , and knew exactly how he was going to help erect the garage even coming round the day before and planning it . We even got offers for the electrics for it - but it wasn't needed on the day - still how lovely is that ?

. It was a second hand garage and these things don't always have a tendency to go back up the way it did in the beginning ! But everything turned out super and everyone worked really hard . It was alot of fun too , lots of laughing , sandwiches , cake and beer ... perfect day really ... and my neighbour - well he was well chuffed !

 . So a Big Big thank you to all that was involved . xxx If you can help someone or  need help or know someone that does there is now a #legup website  

Or if your on Face book , go join your community page and ask there you may be surprised at how many kind people there are around you willing to give you a helping hand ! I hope the trend keeps going as its made a real difference in so many ways for my neighbour .

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