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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Oh now then calvin mouse what have we here !!!!!

yes calvin tis for you ... it arrived yesterday , but i think you were out cheese hunting .....

open it then calvin .... oh this is exciting !

well what is it , what does it say ?

well come on what does it say then ???

Ohhhhh Calvin mouse thats a valentines card you have there ! looks like someone lurvvvvves you ! and would you look at the front of it ... its a little hedgehog painting i love CM ( thats calvin mouse by the way calvin ) oh how sweet ........are you blushing Mr Calvin Mouse ?????

oh calvin ! rofl ... you have a busy day today dont you ? isnt there something else you wanted to say to the bloggers of blogland ? did you get alittle something else ?
Hmmmmm was it an award prehaps like this one ? from Heather s blog Rica Haven

anything you would like to say Mr Calvin Mouse ?

and who would you like to pass it onto Calvin mouse ?

oh good choice calvin mouse ... il help you out doing the others for you ...
so its
Crafty monkeys challenge blog
calvin mouse says he hearts your cards !
Apparently he likes to watch Rotty Rat get blown up and he thinks its funny that calvin his maker has managed to have such a dumb rat ! rofl -- good on ya calvin mouse lol !
calvin mouse says this is because she is such a kind lady and makes fab cards !
and also
Calvin mouse loves this blog because it promotes nice mice ! lol .

Calvin mouse really loves Kaths cards and would one day like to be a card designer himself ...

and for those who didnt get last weeks Mouse weekly .... look who was on the front page -- thanks Paula - she obviously gets the paper lol ...

Sunday, 26 October 2008

I got a sponsor !

I am sure many have of you have noticed that i now have a sponsor . I am thrilled to now be a designer for The Artistic Stamper ! I am not sure about being extra special mind , but i will try my best to bring you some inspiring makes and tutorials. Calvin my boyfriend over at Mishaps in the Makings has also joined the design team. I know many of your follow his fruit inking and his weekly accidents ! Please go have a mooch around Jennies shop - ive just spotted some gorgeous vintage Santa stamps that im hoping to use in an up comming project. Jennie will soon be stocking fimo so any supplies you need will just be a click away ! Jennies shop - The Artistic Stamper and Jennies blog Jennie is giving away some blog candy on there too !

and now for a few awards !
Ive been a tad busy making and typing up the tutorials so im a little behind... i have a few awards to catch up on so here goes ..
Juliet has kindly awarded me "I love your blog " Thanks Juliet ! and if you get a chance please go visit Juliets blog , she makes some fabby cards !

Im passing this award to ...,

and thank you to Chris over at..
gave me this award.

Im awarded this to seven blogs ..

Thanks for the award guys x
love maddyx